Looking for someone w/Asterisk set up for call forwarding

My main (though not the only) use for Asterisk is going to be to implement a voice-response system that says “Press 1 for Eric, press 2 for Bill…” etc. When the caller hits the response, the incoming call gets redirected out an outgoing line to the target person who may be in the next state. This should all be transparent to the caller so that it sounds just like the call is getting redirected to Eric’s or Bill’s office in the same building.

I would appreciate an email from some of you all who have yours set up that way, and I would like to call your system and speak to a person at the end of the relay, and see how it all sounds from a caller’s viewpoint.

If you could please send me a phone number to call your Asterisk system, and a menu selection to use to get through to a person (presumably, you), that would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Please send to spamsink at scoot dot netis dot com.