In desperate NEED of RELIABLE DID Sip Provider

Can anyone recommend a Mission Critical SIP Trunk Service that can provide DID numbers across most of the US?

I have been using Flowroute for the past year with reasonable success, but lately I have noticed more and more down time on their SIP Servers. My issue isn’t with outbound dialling, I can stack up a dozen SIP Trunks for that and maintain a near 100% reliability, but my issue is with DID Traffic.

I spent the weekend installing a new Asterisk Deployment, and no sooner than I call it completed and start my drive home Flowroute goes offline for 20 or 30 minutes. THANK GOD noone was at the customers site trying to use the system, but that got me thinking about reliability of their DID lines.

HI, we can supply reliable DIDs in US. Please see:

All at fixed monthly fee with no per minute charges. PM me if you need more information.

My D.I.D. Needs just happen to be in one of the 8 states you don’t have listed on that site :smile: BUT I do still want to talk with you about what I need, there may be alternative options for me.

Can you contact me Directly? my email is michialt {at} gmail {dot} com