Recording Calls - ACD

I am just wondering if anyone would be able to make a recommendation on how to best do the following. Basically this system would just be acting as a call center ACD (Auto Call Distributor).

  1. Have a call come into asterisk from a T1 card, and re-distributed out through a certain analog FXS line. (depending on source number)
  2. Record the call to a wav file and stored locally on the disk
  3. Have the call detail information written to MySQL database
  4. View a list of calls that came through the system, and be able to listed to recording (Preferably through a web interface).

This can be done very easily (almost by default) using FreePBX.

Would you be able to elaborate on how this is done with FreePBX? Currently I have installed Centos 6.0, Asterisk Open Source, and compiled it to write CDR to MySQL. I figured this would give us the most flexibility.

I am a bit concerned about using a Web/GUI to configure asterisk, as I wasn’t sure if there was any GUI that would support a configuration in this method. So far I have worked with Trixbox CE, and Switchvox and I don’t believe either seem to be able to route and record calls in the way we would like.

I understand your concern about using a web GUI. FreePBX seems to be pretty flexible in my opinion, but I’m not going to guarantee you that it is a solution. From the information you’ve provided, I would suggest you take a look as I do think it could be a valid option for you. FreePBX comes with ARI (Asterisk Recording Interface?), so all you’d have to do is turn on inbound & outbound recording for each extension, respectively. It uses CDR and MySQL db, already has the web interface built, etc.

It also allows you to make customizations. For example, something not configured in the GUI might go in the extensions_custom.conf.

In a nutshell, I am of the opinion that FreePBX makes it very easy for a beginner to get started, but still allows you to get your hands dirty if that is what you want to do.

I appreciate the feedback. I will install freepbx at some point and give it a try. Really what I was hoping for is someone that is achieving these 4 functions already and could point me into a good direction for how to implement.

Anyone out there?

If you are not familiar with asterisk i suggest follow the tip from mpiontek, but you can start reading: … dahdi.conf

Item 4 is the only one that should require any support.