Looking for a Puerto Rico DID number

Hello Everyone,
My company needs to get a Puerto Rico phone number via SIP and I have looked high and low to see what I could find. Unfortunately the only one I can find requires pre-payment via credit card. We are looking for a company that we can establish an account with and who will bill us on a monthly bases. We are a Billion Dollar company and our executives don’t like billing via credit cards if they can help it.
Does anyone have any suggestion on a PR phone number that can be billed monthly?

I appreciate any feedback.
Perry Pennington

Have you checked voip-info.org/wiki/view/DID+ … +Providers there are lots of international providers there.

Good Luck!!

That was one of the first places I looked. A lot of that page is outdated and many of the carriers are either pre-paid or out of business.

I guess I will be googleing until the cows come home. :mrgreen:


How many DID numbers do you need?
How many channels per number?

We are only looking for 2 channels and a single DID number at this point. This is for a branch office of ours where customer service calls are answered in South Florida and Sales calls are sent to the PR office.


Most SIP DID providers will offer what you’re looking for at a total billed amount of less than $10/month, some for less than $5. It is probably not worth the cost of maintaining an account, sending you a bill, and managing the receivable for such a small amount. But if you really must have a DID with net 30 billing, I’ll offer to bill you $20/month for one DID located in PR, equipped with two channels. (I’ll turn around and buy it from one of my DID providers, paying in advance by credit card, and buy myself one free lunch per month on the markup!)

Send me a PM if you’re interested :smile: .