Log info in AsterNet c# - Raspbian


I don’t Know AsterNet, I’ve installed it on Raspbian to manage the calls for Asterisk.

The first operation that I want do, is to logging some information, I’ve tried with:

1 logger.Info(">>> TEST LOG <<<");

2 System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print(">>> TEST LOG <<<");

3 Console.Write(">>> TEST LOG <<<");

4 Type agiScriptClass = Type.GetType(“AGIScript”);
ConstructorInfo constructor = agiScriptClass.GetConstructor(new Type[] { });
AGIScript ags = (AGIScript)constructor.Invoke(new object[] { });
ags.Verbose(">>> TEST LOG <<<", 1);

On Asterisk console and on file log “messages” there are not the information, there are only the system log.

Is there anyone who can help me.


Most of the Asterisk users use PHP or Python for AMI or AGI developement , Net hopefully some one with knowledge of that framework could help, but is quite difficult to find one on the forum

Ok, thank you! I’ll try a little before use PHP.