.NET Can’t get Informations Of Caller

How can i use AsterNet to get calleridnum and other caller info?

aster.net is third party software. I’ve never seen anyone supporting it here, and, like with most open source software, very few people seem to access Asterisk from a strongly Windows environment.

The approved support channel seems to be the IRC #asternet channel on Freenode.

It appears to be both an AMI client and a Fast AGI server. You haven’t said which, but looking at the documentation, as a Fast AGI server, you would use the GetVariableCommand class, targetting the Asterisk CALLERID() function.

Using it as an AMI client, you would use the GetVarAction class, using the channel name or unique ID you had previously obtained. I think that will also work on functions, but, otherwise, you would extract the values into variables, using your dialplan. You could also have the dialplan generate custom events, although a quick skim of the documentation didn’t indicate a class to handle this.

Even if you go to the IRC channel, I suspect you may just be advised to read the documentation, or at least to provide the code you tried, and details of how it failed, as getting variables is fairly basic to both of these APIs and getting caller ID information is fairly basic to Asterisk.

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