Local Channel vs Pjsip in Queue Agent

Hi, i am using asterisk v.18. I wanted to switch from local channel to pjsip channel in queue because with pjsip channel the transfer calls gets logged in queue_log, is there any other reason to use pjsip channel instead of local channel, which one is better? Thanks

Using the DAHDI, IAX2, H.232, chan_sip,or even chan_psjip channel, directly, is more efficient.

Using a local channel allows more complicated processing, like call back agents.

At least at one time, having a local channel was necessary for a transfer to properly release the agent, if I remember correctly.

Local channels may allow you to do things by injecting DTMF via AMI, although that is less true now that you can inject DTMF in both directions.

the only reason that i want to switch to pjsip channel is because it records call transfers in queue_log so that way i can see the call transfers in my asternic…

I’d say that was a bad reason and but you should be starting from the position that agents should be real, external, channels, not local channels, unless you were doing something hat required a local channel. I suspect you have copied a cookbook solution in which the design decisions weren’t documented properly.

do you have any documentation or describe each channel what is the difference between them and in which scenario to use. Thanks


chan_sip has been replaced by chan_pjsip.

chan_agent has been replaced by another mechanism.

Some others are deprecated.

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