Asterisk 18.15.1 and PJSIP forwarding/redirect using Local channels

Good Morning!

I’m trying to handle forwarded calls from endpoints (Polycom/Yealink) for a new requirement we have. I understand that PJSIP, when redirect_method=user, a Local channel will be used to forward the call.

While this is working, I can’t seem to get audio on the Local channel even after I Answer() it.

Confused as to why the Local channel isn’t optimized out once I Answer(), any insight would be appreciated :smiley:

The optimisation used to be triggered by the passage of media. I presume it still is. If you have no media passing, I wouldn’t expect the optimisation to complete.

Note that chan_sip also uses local channels in this context. chan_pjsip has more options, but chan_sip has normal mode, which uses a local channel to translate the user part of the URI, according to the dialplan, and promiscuous mode, which originates a call directly to the full URI.

channel_redirect=user is the chan_sip normal mode and channel_redirect=uri_pjsip is the closest to the promiscuous mode.

As such redirects using local channels are rather well exercised.

I was just using …

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,n,Playback(someprompt)

But have since implemented server-side forwarding instead, which works better for our environment.

@david551 Thank you! :facepunch:

There is no bridge. Optimisation would only have happened with a bridge.

That makes sense, thanks @david551 :smiley:

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