Loading chan_sip.so without reinstalling Asterisk

I have installed Asterisk, configured wanpipe and running successfully with Sangoma TIC. I want to load chan_sip.so without disturbing the whole system,that is without reinstalling Asterisk. Please advice.I found chan_sip.so is not there are usr/lib/asterisk/modules, so I took from another source and kept it there, and tried to load, it shows error related to rmp. Please let me know if any such step is there for loading the chan_sip.so module without reinstalling ASTERISK.

Thanking you in advance,
Senjam Shantirani

I have a limited knowledge about this but in your scenario what I’d try at least is to run “make” to compile chan_sip.so and then copy that file into the modules directory. Taking it from another server will likely result in errors like the one you get.