[Resolved] Hangup Detection

I have Asterisk 1.0.8 (as seen when doing an ‘asterisk -r’ command) installed on FreeBSD with a generic X100P clone card connected to my Lingo VOIP line (the only VOIP provider that I could find with a local number in my area).

Everything is working fine except for detecting when the remote end hangs up the line. Now I am certain that this is not an asterisk issue, but want to know if there is a workaround.

The problem lies in the fact that when I call from my cell phone to my lingo line (without asterisk), and then hang up my cell phone, the lingo line just reverts to a standard busy signal, followed by the “off-hook” signal, then silence. Therefore, when my lingo line is connected to asterisk, and an incoming call comes in and goes to voicemail, it takes about 3 minutes after the caller hangs up before the Lingo line goes to silence where asterisk then detects 10 seconds of silence and hangs up.

Is there any way that asterisk can monitor the line, and when it detects a busy signal, it should hang up.


it sounds more like your IAX/SIP provider needs to be doing the tweaking as they should be detecting the remote hangup.

have you contacted them about the issue ?

Lingo is not a “SIP/IAX” provider per se. They sent me an ATA http://www.utstar.com/Solutions/Document_Library/CPE/docs/0043DS0505-IAN02EX_ATA.pdf with their own Lingo branded custom firmware. Unfortunately, they only allow access to IP configuration and I have no way of viewing / changing any SIP options. So I just have one of the phone jacks on the back connected to my Asterisk box. (I wish they could just allow me to directly connect my Asterisk box.)

With that said, I did some reading in the Asterisk TFOT book, and on page 62: [quote]‡ A far-end disconnect happens when the far end hangs up. In an unsupervised circuit,there is no method of
telling the near end that the call has ended. If you are on the phone this is no problem,since you will know
the call has ended and will manually hang up your end. If,however,your voicemail system is recording a
message,it will have no way of knowing that the far end has terminated and will thus keep recording silence,
or even the dial tone or reorder tone. Kewlstart can detect these conditions and disconnect the circuit.[/quote]

So, when the far-end hangs up, my Lingo line goes directly to a busy signal, followed by the “off-hook” tone (don’t know the technical term) then silence. Since I have signalling=fxs_ks in zapata.conf, should’t Kewlstart detect the conditions described after the far-end disconnects and therefore disconnect the circuit within Asterisk?

Here is a link to the WAV file that is recorded by voicemail: http://www.enetis.net/~justin/msg0002.WAV

Since I just have a simple $20/month account with lingo, I doubt that they would be willing to do anything for me.



My suggestion would be to upgrade to 1.10 or even 1.2.1. A whole lot has been fixed since 1.08


Just upgraded to Asterisk 1.2.1 and still experiencing the same issue.



I finally got Asterisk to detect when the far end has disconnected on my Lingo line. Reading through the zapata.conf file, I found 'busydetect=yes" and uncommenting that line did the trick.