Linksys SPA941 question

I have an SPA941 working, connected to my Asterisk server. There is a minor issue when I am in the menu structure and trying to send a DTMF tone. For example, if I go into the directory and choose a number and dial it using the Dial button, it will dial out successfully and I can pick up the handset and have a conversation; however, if an AA picks up, DTMF tones are not sent until I cancel out of the menu structure.

Can anyone clarify why this is, and what I need to do to correct it?



The SPA 941 uses the keypad of the phone as “shortcut keys” for the menu within the phone.

Each menu item appears on the screen with a number. Pressing the number of the menu item selects it.

For instance, if you wanted to see your the “Redial list” in your “call history” you press the menu button, and then 3 followed by 1.

This is considered faster than using the arrow key, and then the “select” button when your menu choice is highlighted. (Fewer key presses.)

To my knowledge, it’s not behavior you can change. The phone will only send DTMF when it’s in a normal call state, and not using the menu structure of the phone.

Dufus, thanks.

I did wonder if it was related to that - thanks for the clarification.