Linksys SPA2102 install

Has anyone ever configured a SPA 2102, for Asterisk, I am running 1.4.4 and have outbound SIP provider working, want to add 2102 and use analog phone to access SIP account, I am relatively new and looking for sage advice…

It’s absolutely the same for all Linksys/Sipura SPA/PAP2 products.

This is my example for PAP2:

; pap2 line2
fullname = Master
email =
secret = password
cid_number = 11
context = longdistance
hasvoicemail = yes
vmsecret = 1111
hassip = yes
hasiax = no
host = dynamic
dtmfmode = rfc2833
disallow = all
allow = alaw
allow = ulaw
allow = g729
t38pt_udptl = no

On SPA you will need to enter your User ID (11 in my case) and Password as well as Proxy (your server name or ip address) - on Line1/Line2 page. The most of other settings you may leave by default. Just try :wink:
Make sure you upgraded the software on SPA.

I assume these would go under the user.conf in Asterisk-1.4.4…???

An entry for both Line 1 and Line 2…??

Right, this goes into users.conf

If you want to use both lines you will need 2 extensions in this file, like 11 and 12.
On the ATA itself you should configure different extensions (User IDs) for Line1 & Line 2 and don’t forget to set different SIP Port values for different lines, 5060 & 5062 for example.


Appreciate the help the SPA works great voice quality is good…

Config is straightforward.