Linksys SPA3102


I want to set up a POTS line going into a Linksys SPA3102 Gateway as a SIP line on an asterisk server.

I know networking, but I don’t know phones.

The linux server is configured & asterisk & the asterisk gui is installed.

The gateway is setup up & recieves calls & can talk to the network.

I guess I need help configuring the gateway & asterisk to talk to each other via sip. Does anyone have any suggestions or guides?


Basically, you need to create an SIP account on the Asterisk server, and configure the 3102 accordingly so it can connect to Asterisk and notifiy it when a call comes in.

More information on this device here: … ort-forum/

Heres the exact page there that I used … 18612.html

On mine I set PSTN Answer Delay to 0 as I don’t have caller ID