Link two VOIP servers : Asterisk and FreePBX - Redfone Card Dual Port

Hi everyone ,

has someone already configured a Redfone card dual ports T1/E1 on a asterisk server ?

Also suppose that asterisk server which probably has a Redfone card installed will be link to another freepbx server based asterisk on a LAN,which means when a call comes on the PSTN line it will be forwarded automatically on the other server freepbx that has the existing extensions,could someone tell me what is the existing possibility to link two asterisk boxes on a LAN ?

Please be aware that the customer don’t have a SIP trunk.

Look forward to your reply.

Thanks !

Which Redfone product you have ? take a look here if you have Redfone FONEBRIDGE2 .
you can simply connect to PBXs using SIP or IAX trunk through your LAN .

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It;s a Redfone communications ,whit the serial Number : 1568…
Only thing i want to know is if it 's compatible to FreePBX ,your thoughts.
Thanks !

Yes . they are usually compatible with asterisk based solutions such as Freepbx