Link two conferences together

Does anyone know if it is possible to link two meetme conference rooms together. Also, I would like to be able to engage, and disengage this link without stopping/restarting either room.

This page in the wiki seems to be talking about exactly what I want but I don’t understand how it would be done. … l+channels

“Imagine you wanted to link two conferences together.”

This can be done just like that page explains. You could create a spool file for a local channel that dials an extension in the dialplan that routes over IP to another Asterisk box and into a conference room. However I imagine this will not work well at all. With the delays of going over the net and with multiple people in the room on both sides this probably won’t work well.

What I am trying to do is link two conferences (meetme rooms) on the SAME asterisk box (1.2.3). Does this make things any easier? I don’t understand how a spool file (.call file) could be used to bridge the two conferences.

hi. has anybody figured out already how to link 2 meetme together (on the same asterisk server)

is this even possible?

im also using astguiclient/vicidial program. is it possible to dial-with-customer/park-call to another free agent? if this is not possible, was the reason because you can’t link 2 meetme together?

Well I got them together with a .call file but I’m having an issue with breaking the connection… Essentially I want to be able to broadcast to a couple open conferences and then disengage from within the AGI or dial-plan… is this possible?

Could meetme “kick” be used for this? Quietly? I wouldn’t want “You have been kicked” going out to the other conferences.