Asterisk conferencing help required


I have two asterisk with E1 cards in two seperate locations.

I would like to setup conferencing facility in two location,in such way , people from one location call pri from mobile phone to the pri line and login to conf bridge, at the same time people from anothere location , call another PRI and jump into the bridge. Now wish to put the caller’s from differnt location in the same bridge using kind of dial plan, meetme, iax… Could anyone , can anyone help me to configure this setup ?


Any help would be appreciated! :smile:

You have to use the meetme dialplan application to let people talk together, you have to send the calls from the pri lines in the context where you handle the meetme room(s), so there is nothing special to do, just setup the pri lines and the dialplan, if you don’t know how to do this two tasks ask one or more specific questions here and people will try help you for sure.


Marco Bruni

Thank you !

I have created a meetme in two asterisks. I can call to the pri and login to bridge seperately. Help i require , how do i bridge the two conference bridges together so that people in two bridges come in the same bridge.


I think you can’t bridge two conferences together, you can’t use just one ? I mean, you should put the callers from the two pri lines in the same conference, so using just a meetme room, isn’t this an acceptable solution ? If not, can you please specify why, to understand better you case and try help you.


Marco Bruni


I have two asterisks located in two different places ( long distance places). So if i schedule a conference between the users, people from their location can call from mobile or from home to respective PRI and jump into conference.

Hope you understand , what i am looking for

Yes, I understood, so I think you could do this:

  1. link the 2 Asterisk servers, if not done, by a sip or iax trunk;
  2. in the server A create a meetme room;
  3. users calling into the pri line of the server A can go into the local meetme room without problems;
  4. users calling into the pri line of the server B, which doesn’t have a local meetme room, can enter the remote meetme room of the server A through the sip /iax trunk.

Hope it helps.


Marco Bruni