Limiting/using a fixed no. of PRI channels

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I have 30 channels and want ot run 5 different IVR services on them…running on five diiferent numbers.
The issue I am facing is I want to limit/define the number of channles for each service/number to 5 or 6.,so that a single service should drop call when a channel more than its defined for it exceeds.Is that possible …if yes …how ? :bulb:

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Use GROUP and GROUP_COUNT functions in your dialplan.

–Satish Barot

Thanks for reply…
Is there any function through wihich I can “directly allot a few of PRI channels” for an particular incoming number?

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That has to be done at the other end of the PCM system, by the network operator.

Thanks again David and Satish.
This information was very helpfull!!!