Limiting number of inbound call on DID

This site has a PRI used mostly for inbound calling. The business wants to limit the number of concurrent inbound calls to the main number. Example:

  1. Concurrent callers 1-7 are answered by an IVR (7channels in use)
  2. Following concurrent callers 8-23 get busy signals

In the end we would like to limit the number of inbound channels to 7.

I guess that any restriction by dialed digits will need to be done upstream, or in the dialplan. The latter is essentially independent of how the call is delivered to you.

I think the two problems that you will have are:

  1. ensuring that the use count always gets decremented - you may need to have a housekeeping task to recalibrate from time to time, as I’m not sure that you can make the h extension 100% reliable for this job;

  2. races to update the count - you may be able to use dialplan level locking to avoid this problem.