How to limit channel users

we’re using a Digium TE405P PRI card and running an application with an IVR to answer to a maximum of 8 calls.
Does anyone know how to limit the access to these 8 channels only, instead of using all 30 channels, in a way to preserve 22 channels for other future applications? I mean, when 8 users are connected to the IVR, any other call must hang-up.
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using context and group in ur zaptel.conf

there is a way to group up the channels in to group under different context such that calls coming in from 1-8 will go to context-1 , and others goes to context-2. the extensions can then be configure to hang all calls for context-2 and process those in context-1.

I am answering this to my best of knowledge , not sure if helps , but i am not an expert myself. … and+Groups


first of all, thank you for your reply.
Actually, the matter to deal with is that every call enters the queue occupying any of the 30 channels, and we have to limit to 8 the number of concurrent users, in fact we can’t decide which of the 30 lines will be occupied by the next call.
We only have to restrict access to 8 users.
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