Libsrtp source link

Apparently I need libsrtp if I want to use web SIP clients with Asterisk.
Just looking for confirmation that this is where I should be downloading libsrtp source from:

Would have preferred to have a link from Cisco’s site to github, so I would have some warm fuzzy that this github account is legit, but no such luck.

Yep, that’s the correct source location. If your Linux distribution has a recent version of 1.x as a package, there’s no need to build from source

Thank you for the confirmation of the correct source location.

We are using RHEL 7.3, which has libsrtp 1.4.4 included. Unfortunately, we need at least 1.5, as an Asterisk consultant told us ““You might want to compile libsrtp from source, so that you can use a version >= 1.5, because versions before that stop working after about 35,000 calls and require a restart of asterisk to fix.””

Yep, 1.5 is definitely needed.

That it is correct , the minimum supported version of libsrtp supported by Asterisk is 1.5.4.