Asterisk with libsrtp on AWS

I’m trying to run the sipml5 tutorial with my Asterisk server on an Amazon EC2 server.
I’m working my way slowly through all of the issues and I’ve finally got the webrtc client to connect.
But, now when I try to dial an extension that plays a prompt (as per the tutorial)
I get the error: SRTP support module is not loaded or available
So, I installed libsrtp using yum, then went to usr/ast*
I ran ./configure
but when I run make menuselect, and I try to add res_srtp it can’t be checked and says “asterisk srtp depends on srtp”
Anyone have any insight?

You did not install the developer package so it can not be built. I don’t use a yum based distribution so I don’t know precisely what package it is, but it made be libsrtp-devel

Thanks! I just discovered that as your reply came in.
For AWS EC2 it’s yum install libsrtp-devel