Leave Voicemail on another server

Hello There,

I’m trying to see if anyone can help me with what I’m trying to do. I have two asterisk servers and I am trying to set up a way to call a group extension directly from one to another. I was able to successfully set up the extension to call two phones at once but now I am trying to force it to leave voice mail. (I can’t use the traditional method of setting up a group extension as I find since the groups are not stored in the sip.conf file that Asterisk can not dial the extension as it can not create a SIP channel.) Hence why I am doing this the hard way. Any suggestions are appreciated if you think I’m making this too hard on myself. Haha. I have gotten it to work once but in my infinite wisdom of going too fast I did not save the config file at the time and now I can’t get it to replicate again.

What I have so far…
Extensions.config entry:
exten => 3398,1,Playback(transfer,skip)
exten => 3398,2,Ringing
exten => 3398,3,Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=default)
exten => 3398,4,Dial(IAX2/OSCVS-1:OSCVS-1@,15,trTH)
exten => 3398,5,NoOp
exten => 3398,6,Voicemail(3397@IAX2/OSCVS-1:OSCVS-1@,ug(${VMGAIN}))
exten => 3398,7,Hangup
exten => 3398,105,Hangup

Voicemail.config entry:
3397 => Voicemail(3397@IAX2/OSCVS-1:OSCVS-1@,g(${VMGAIN}))

***3398 is the extension I am setting up as the group. Ext 3397 is the one I would like to leave the voice mail on. 3398/3397 are both on separate servers. The IP address you see is the destination address I am attempting to force the voice mail to be left on.

Solved my own problem here! But I’ll leave this up if anyone else needs it. Turns out the voice mail will pick up automatically and there does not need to be the extra action line to attempt to ‘direct’ the voice mail. The key here is extending the ring time to more than 15 seconds. It takes Asterisk 15 seconds to send a call to voice mail so by extending the ring time you’re allowing the recipient’s server time to direct the call.