Latest versions worst than older?

I feel worried about the latest version of asterisk.
I have asterisk1-4.x in production but now i recently upgrade to asterisk-1.8.0 because it have support for all digiums hadwares and it suppous better thant other asterisk versions with fixed threads (Suppoustly)

I have note that my old asterisk-1.4.x work more clean than the latest, in the latest version the console print a lot of SIP messages that give notices :S. Have problem with X-Lite by the codecs, sometimes the calls are dropped, and very frecuently you get an chan_sip error messages in console :S like RTP codec… blah blah blah.

Jouuu STOP!!! What’s happening with asterisk??? Now we are making worst distribution??? :S

Asterisk is running like a crab, to back! :S


The latest versions are not worse than older versions. The nature of software is that nothing is perfect - old or new. If you can track down bugs, please follow the reporting guidelines at:

And report issues to: