Best Version

hey guys,

i am back into ASterisk and i Read more on configuration

i am little bit confused on the version!

which version should i install on my new ASterisk Server
1.8 or 1.8.6 or 1.8.7 or 1.6 ??

is there a major bugs in any of them?

a hint from you will always be helpful

Currently I would recommend a version from the 1.8 branch. Usually the latest version is the best - but sometimes this is not the case. If you are just starting, try the latest Asterisk version. If you are upgrading a server, I would recommend that you first try out the critical functionalitys on a separate server before you go on with upgrading the production server (code regression happens :wink:) :wink:

1.6.x is no longer supported. There is no 1.8, only 1.8.x. Unless a new bug is introduced when fixing an old one, 1.8.x+1 should be better than 1.8.x.