Latest Asterisk and WebRTC

I’ve seen a lot of threads when I searched WebRTC but they are rather old posts.

I want to know if the latest version of asterisk can support webrtc video calls and how hard or easy is it
to implement?



Have you looked at this?

Yes the latest version of Asterisk can support video calls using webrtc. @meightee has already linked a tutorial on how to do that. I just want to add that since Asterisk 15 multistream video is also now supported. A very basic video conferencing webrtc app was created to test and demo that functionality. More information about it can be found on the wiki as well, Installing and Configuring CyberMegaPhone

how hard or easy is it to implement?

That really depends on how well versed you are in software development, webrtc, and everything that surrounds that.