How to: WebRTC Audio & Video calls on Asterisk?

I get a lot of people asking me about how to get WebRTC working over Asterisk. What JavaScript library to use. How to do the certificates etc etc.

A little while ago I got inspired to put something together that people could download and use freely. It’s a good start, but by not complete - it doesn’t (yet) take advantage of the Asterisk 16+ features of a multi-steam video, but video calling is possible, even text chat.

You can check it out, clone it, etc:

How-to video in YouTube:

GitHub site:

P.s Although the Channel focus is on Raspberry Pi based deployment, it could easily be applied to any Asterisk box - the principals will be the same.


Very nice guide, and would be even better if the configuration were based on pjsip, as chan_sip is no longer supported by the Asterisk core developer team

Thanks! :grinning: The pjsip version will be coming out this week.

I must say…this is really cool…

really very helpful thanks you so much for shared this wonderful knowledge.



It’s my pleasure. I’m busy with the PJSIP version. Will post an update.

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