Last digit timeout. overlapdial=yes

Hi guys! I use AsteriskNOW with my internal PBX Lg. Lg is connected to asterisk via E1. Asterisk works in overlapdial=yes mode on this connection. When somebody calls from Lg, Asterisk waits 3 seconds after the last digit and executes collected number. It’s a bit fast. How can I increase this interval to 4 or 5 sec? All calls from Lg flows in from-internal context, which generated by AsteriskNOW. I’ve heard about matchdigittimeout parameter, but I cant find it… I’ve found this … onf.sample but I don’t know what I should do with it…

Thank you!

As far as I see, you should change this value in chan_dahdi.c source code and then recompile it.

Thanks a lot, Bichara! But I can’t find this file chan_dahdi.c with this value matchdigittimeout. Could someone tell me where is it? I have dahdi 2.6.1 installed on my Asterisk. I’ve looked for matchdigittimeout value in the sources files and in folders on my system and I’ve found nothing. May be this file was in previous versions of Dahdi driver and now it names differently or I can change Last digit timeout another way. May be just add some settings here /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf ?

Have a look at my Asterisk sources:

[root@asterisk] /
#locate chan_dahdi.c

I’ve opened that file with text editor and rows 432 and 433 are those we’re looking for:

/*! \brief How long to wait for an extra digit, if there is an ambiguous match */
static int matchdigittimeout = 3000;


That’s exactly what I need!!! THANK YOU!!!

Please let us know after tests.