DAHDI Overlapdial


some short questions…

a) is it possible to adjust the overlapdial wait time for additional digits ? (We want to increase the time to 5-10 seconds.)
b) Is it possible to abort the wait time of overlapdial ?

(e.g. WaitForDigitis, the App from mISDN let you freely adjust the collect time for the digits and additionally let you abort the number collection by using a special dial number (e.g. “#” ) to indicate end of number.)


For (b), although I’ve never tried this, I would think defining patterns for the various lengths, beyond the minimum, ending in #! might do that. You may need to ensure that you then strip the #.

I tried that but it didn’t worked as it seems that asterisk is collection the number before it jumps into the context and start the extension matching if you activate overlapdial.

Without overlapdial the phone is directly jumping into the “s” extension (as it would do if you use immeadeate=yes) it seems like the dialplan handling for ISDN is not the same as it is for analogue phone etc.

Normally i would expect that the number would be analysied on a digit by digit manner till the number could be matched or not matched in the dialplan without overlapdial. (As overlapdial should be used for germans “Nachwahl”.) It seems like the number analysation of ISDN simply isn’t working as it should and using overlapdial … is a trick to get it somehow working anyways.

Maybe the problem is that asterisk needs a channel to send dial tone back to the phone as soon as it recives the DSS1-Setup message of the phone. I guess it would be possible to build a general “s” capture extension that collect the number with WaitForDigits and than jumps to the correct extension block. … but i don’t like that idea.

or i simply do something wrong, don’t understand it :smile:

I would expect digits to be accumulated at the analogue/ISDN boundary, and sent as a single address message, rather than sent digit by digit, so your end of number detection may well be happening before you even get to Asterisk!