Kind of Hardware Asterisk 1.4 Needs

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I have installed the Asterisk 1.2 in the TDM 400 P card. Can I be able to use the same card for the version 1.4 (UI Based). and any suggestion that I should make a fresh install or upgrade the older one.

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that card is still supported.

whether you upgrade or re-install is up to you … i would do the upgrade over installing a machine from scratch.

the important thing when using existing dialplans is to check for deprecated commands, functions, variables etc. read all the text files in the new tarball before you upgrade.

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I am agree that asterisk 1.4.* will support to a lower configuration but the problem I am facing that the Zaptel card. The card that I have is TDM 400P, but I found tin the site that the minimum need is TDM800P for analog telephony.

PLease gothrough the Link for confirmation.

Anycomment is encouragable.

Will it work if I choose zaptel 1.2.* along with Asterisk 1.4 for GUI based application., I think my issue with card will solve but whether it will compatible with asterisk 1.4 or not, That I am not sure.


no, that link details additional support. your card is still supported.

you can’t really mix-n-match versions like that. if you want the GUI you’ll have to go all 1.4.