Keepstats not functioning

Asterisk version
FreePBX version

We have a large deployment of about 300 users. In the past we have always used rmemory call distribution in the queue but now have need for “fewestcalls” distribution. The issue is that every time we apply settings in freepbx, the agent totals reset which obviously affects call distribution. We apply settings throughout the day hiring and firing and moving departments so we must find a way to keep this information until midnight when we run a “queue reset stats” via cron job. So ultimately we need the number of answered calls to not be reset per agent when apply settings is selected in FreePBX. It seems the queue total completed/abandoned statistics are keeping but the answered calls per agent are not. We have searched many sites and found no information on this which I find surprising.


Maybe if you use plain asterisk you can reload only the modules that you want, dialplan, sip or others instead using the whole freepbx reload.

Unfortunately that is not an option as we have several non technical employees managing extensions. The FreePBX gui is heavily used and generally we have no issues. According to documentation, this is not how asterisk is supposed to function regardless of whether we use FreePBX or not. There is not supposed to be a reset of queue information unless queue reset stats is run.

Do you tried with the latest version of asterisk?