Queue issue

Hello I need help.
i have a queue that has 15 static SIP members they are supposed to work 24/7…
when an agent takes a break or leaves his desk and turns off his SIP Adapter they are not connected to the PBX yet the queue still rings them… the is causing me problems. they forget to logoff the queue all the time … so what can i do to automaticaly log them off the queue? i saw something related to agents.conf and i tried it… but it didn’t work… is there any other solution? please help!

i’m suing Asterisk 1.4.18-3 with trixbox.

you need to get rid of the static queue members and use agents.conf to set up agents. the agents then have to login and log out of the queue. if you do not do this, the queue calls all the static extensions every time and you find your CDR is full of calls marked “FAILED” and a large number “BUSY”

read more on how to make it relatively low pain for agents:

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … lbackLogin

it’s either i’m not getting it the right way or that i’m missing something… i’m using trixbox with freepbx … and i can’t do anything right… can anyone point some tutorial about how we can make this work?