Jumping inyo a Call


Is there any way in asterisk . that could let me jump into existing calls to monitor???


Or if its a ZAP channel ZAPBarge works great :smile:.


Thanks for the reply, when i execuete , it give me following

asterisk1*CLI> show application ChanSpy

-= Info about application ‘ChanSpy’ =-

Listen to the audio of an active channel

ChanSpy([chanprefix][|options]): This application is used to listen to the
audio from an active Asterisk channel. This includes the audio coming in and
out of the channel being spied on. If the ‘chanprefix’ parameter is specified,
only channels beginning with this string will be spied upon.
While Spying, the following actions may be performed:
- Dialing # cycles the volume level.
- Dialing * will stop spying and look for another channel to spy on.
- Dialing a series of digits followed by # builds a channel name to append
to ‘chanprefix’. For example, executing ChanSpy(Agent) and then dialing
the digits ‘1234#’ while spying will begin spying on the channel,
b - Only spy on channels involved in a bridged call.
g(grp) - Match only channels where their ${SPYGROUP} variable is set to
q - Don’t play a beep when beginning to spy on a channel.
r[(basename)] - Record the session to the monitor spool directory. An
optional base for the filename may be specified. The
default is ‘chanspy’.
v([value]) - Adjust the initial volume in the range from -4 to 4. A
negative value refers to a quieter setting.

Please tell me how do I spy a call my extensions is 100 and my agent is 101, how can i Jump into his call???

Please explain me a bit im new to it, I would be greatfull


i don’t think you understand…

you need to do something like this:

exten => 992,1,ChanSpy

this means that when you dial 992 from your phone, the ChanSpy app will execute, and you will be able to browse the active channels

you can also pass information to the ChanSpy app, so if you wanted to spy on Agent/102, you’d do this:

exten => 992,1,ChanSpy(Agent/102)

hope this helps.

Im dont with it, Thanks guys for the help and time