JSON module for dial plan logic

Hello - we have been using Asterisk 15.6.1 with the res_json module found here https://github.com/drivefast/asterisk-res_json

We use that in our dial plan because we make a request to a server, get back a JSON response, and use JSONELEMENT to parse it. It has worked great.

We are now updating to Asterisk 17.5.1 and going through all the same build steps to include res_json, I’m finding that during the “make” of Asterisk, I get a lot of errors about Do_not_use_free__use_ast_free_or_ast_std_free_for_remotely_allocated_memory not being declared in the jsonxxxxx functions from this module.

I know that res_json project hasn’t been updated in like 5 years… so my question - has anyone successfully built res_json with Asterisk 17 … or is there another JSON parsing module available that I can use in my dial plan?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I suggest use AGI and python or php to manage json response, more functionalities and easy to integrate on the dial plan

Thanks! Very helpful. I actually started down that path after posting earlier today. So far it is going great - makes the dial plan much easier to read, gives a ton of flexibility, etc. Definitely a nicer option using AGI/python.

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