How to use jsonadd

whats the correct way to use jsonadd

exten => s,n,jsonadd(json,path/there,array,vec)
exten => s,n,jsonadd(json,path/there/vec,string,abcd)
exten => s,n,jsonadd(json,path/there/vec1,number,1234)
exten => s,n,noop({JSONELEMENT(json,path/there/vec/0)} & {JSONELEMENT(json,path/there/vec/1)})

according to me the last line should display abcd & 1234 to the console. but it prints blank.

The dialplan application “jsonadd” does not exist in Asterisk as provided from the project, so any difficulties with it are probably best taken to the creator or wherever it may have come from. The same applies to JSONELEMENT. You can certainly ask here but few, if any, would know of it.

depending on what do you want to achieve, I suggest you use Python and Asterisk to deal with json