Use of JSON in dialplans


I’m extremely new to Asterisk, but I have been involved in telecommunications for more years than I care to remember. I am looking to build an IVR using Asterisk 11 and wish to use cURL to retrieve the required values to process. The results are returned as JSON.

The only thing I can seem to find for processing JSON is this…

The author posted it in 2010 and I can see that he has made a couple of attempts to have it included as part of Asterisk. I have 3 questions…

[ul]Has anyone tried it?
Does it work?
Can you recommend any other way of achieving the same result?[/ul]

Many thanks in advance,


As parsing text is not trivial, I would try and put a layer of logic in between the JSON results and the dialplan (like calling a PHP script somewhere that calls the JSON API). Or would shell out to an AGI that does the querying, interprets it and makes decisions for the dialplan to follow.