JSON Format for Asterisk Manager Command


Is there any way to read json file and send command to asterisk manager via json file?

Chetan Jha

What is the real world problem you are trying to solve and what management constraints are you under that force you to use JSON and where are you forced to uses it?

One can obviously put things together that use JSON and interact with AMI, but there is probably a simpler way of achieving what you actually need to achieve.

Hi David,

I am designing a click and drag IVR system which writes a json file , so i want to know if there is any json interface for asterisk to send manager commands?


AMI has states, so, if operating above the basic line based level, you will generally need a class library to handle the states, together with code in the language to which the class library relates. I know of no class library that takes its method parameters from a JSON string.

The only AMI interface that is well supported is the port 5038 one, which is definitely not JSON based. The HTML one is also not JSON based. There are no other native interfaces.

you can take a look at this

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