Asterisk Managment tools and modules


i’m new on asterisk but i need to develop a php portal were i can see several asterisk pbx statistcs and staus.

Can anyone help me discovering info about the managment modules and about what kind of info i can get from them?

I really need to find out some info about the managment interfaces and how can i get the info from them, so i can put it on a mysql database.


Luis Lopes

do a search for AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface). It is a TCP based system which can stream events to you in real time. It also allows you to send commands to the system to take action on existing channels, execute CLI commands, or originate calls.

The AMI tends to act up if you connect to it to often. Have a look at astmanproxy. If you connect often to the AMI you will have issues.

I believe that issue was resolved sometime in the 1.4 releases. I have never had any issues… and frankly for the type of thing he is talking about doing he would probably have a single connection open all the time to capture event state from asterisk.

g2010: I am using and I still have issues with the AMI not responding to my commands (unrelated to another issue where Asterisk would just lock up after connecting one to many times).

Hi is broken, You need to upgrade. Things like pickup dontwork in


Ian thanks. I will try 1.4.24

Thanks for you replyes