Jitter on brand new HP ML110 G5

Hey folks.

We just bought a brand new HP Proliant ML110 G5 with a Xeon 2.3 dual core CPU 1GB RAM which is running Trixbox

There is a fair amount of jitter on it accross the whole of trixbox (Infact, jitter buffer makes it worse!). The frequency of the jitter is compariable to when you have a crappy ISP who drops packets (i.e. fairly randomily). ILBC is unuseable on a Nokia E65 however was working a bit better on a laptop. Basically I have problems with this everywhere.

Timing issue?? I’ve tried adding acip=on, acpi=off, clock=pit, internal_timing = yes to no avail!

Please help me here folks, im panicing!! We had an old Pentium 3 box with the exact same confiuration which ran perfectly!!

Maybe the HP USB controller isnt keeping time properly (There are no Zap cards installed)…

I’m thinking of getting a Sangoma card maybe to help with timing however someone else has sugggested that it could be a network drive fault (Is this the same as the NIC?)? They guys at trixbox think it more of a asterisk related issue.

Your help would be appreciated. Many Thanks, Jonny