Network card jitter troubleshooting

Hello All,

Centos 6.3 32-bit
Asterisk 1.8.11 )CentOS rpms)

I have Asterisk installed onto my new CentOS 6.3 32-bit server. Been using asterisk for about 5 years now,so I am somewhat familiar with the inner workings of Asterisk just to give a brief background here.
My new server is a pretty minimal Asrock e350m with one onboard realtek rtl 8111/8168b nic and one add on Realtek rtl8111/8168b pci-e card. This server runs as an Linux Terminal server setup,hence the two nics.
Since day one on all phones I get many clicks and “static” were as with old server i never experienced this. When going to about 4 different ‘viop test’ websites my throughput,jitter,packet loss very quite a bit from day to day.
I know ,everyone will say “The realtek nics are junk”…:smile:
Has anyone here actually experienced this and by switching to say Intel nics this solved the problem without any more intervention?
Of course this mobo only has one avaliable pic-e slot which is being used by the current Realtek add on nic. I am thinking of buying a couple usb nics,just to try,even knowing usb nics ar e not the best idea other than for testing purposes.
Anyone care to give me any tips,ideas?

Tahnk You,