Java Development DB questions

I’m currently working on a piece of software that allows people to setup asterisk and monitor it remotely. Now this is being written in java and i will be using the Asteriskjava librarys for some parts.
The question i have at present is deciding how to parse the config files.
I am thinking either straight into the java program via scp possibly and then into java direct for editing. Or using a database on the server machine connecting to that updating it and then having that write the config files.
What i was interested in is do you think there are any pro’s or cons either way?

I hope that makes sense.
Take care.

I think since 1.4 Asterisk also supports reading/writing config settings through the Manager API - that way is probably the best.

That might be a good idea but can the configs be called by the manager to be parsed by java or will i have to do that seperatly ? I was thinking about using something like sqlite a flat file db. What i was trying to gage is what exactly i am gaining the most out of using a db? What will it allow that straight parsing won’t , apart from versioned data?

Take care