IVR testing and load testing

Good day.
We currently have a vendor solution which has 4 T1s terminated to it. The tool can be used to place calls and test our production IVR along with creating ample call volume to do performance testing.

I would love to replace it with a few Asterisk boxes if possible. Is anyone using Asterisk for this purpose? Are you having any luck? Is this a common use of the tool?

Side question: I am new to the Asterisk piece but I typically support OSS tools and solutions. However to sell my peers on this I will probably need to conference in someone who can speak to the details while I am learning. Is this something I should look at Digium for? Would they be my best bet for a support service for an Asterisk deployment?


I personally have never used Asterisk to do this but it can. I don’t know if I would put 4 T1’s in one Asterisk box. I would put them across 2 boxes. (If you have a good box you can use one but it will be easier with at least two).

Digium has paid support. You can rely on them for support. There are private contractors out there that can help but if you want your peers to be comfortable I would go with Digium.

In the past I used an * box to stress test another * box, using sip channels, worked well.


Marco Bruni

We tested asterisk over load of 5000 concurrent calls successfully , here are details