How to load test Asterisk servers

I am trying to generate a load testing scenario against our Asterisk server.

Essentially, I am usisng 2 Asterisk boxes, and a softphone ( SJPhone )

Asterisk A - the one I want to perform load testing
Asterisk B - used to establish the calls between the softphone and Asterisk A.

I am using the call file mechanisms in Asterisk.

The tests I am performing include media processing.

I wrote a script to create n .call file and placed it in the Asterisk directory.

It works great until I reached 9. SJPhone reject to take any more call after 9.

So, I cannot generate traffic beyond 9 simutaneous calls.

Is there a better way for me to simulate the tests?

I guess I can write my test clients. But, I would like to explore other methods before going that route.

I have seen many posting about generate load tests, but, I haven’t seen how people are actually doing it.

Thanks in advance

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