IVR sample?

I have been programming IVR systems for some time. They have been based on some ancient unsupported application that runs on SCO. When I was told to write a new IVR system(s), I though: “this is great, now I can start migrating to Asterisk on Linux!”.

Well, I am having a hard time finding documentation specific to Asterisk as an IVR. I have heard about AGI.

Are there some IVR samples around? Where is the IVR functionality documented?

Please help, I really want to dump those SCO boxes…

-Ramon F Herrera

i wish you the best of luck (in finding good documentation)
ive been searching for everything readable myself… your best bet at good doc is www.voip-info.org

there is a book out there, VoIP and Asterisk, or VoIP using Asterisk…
something like that. im going to check that out myself… if you cant find it ill post it online or something, im sure it will be more than useful.

:arrow_right: I found this one, it might be in help :smiley: