IVR Message

I recorded a WAV IVR message, and set it up correctly. However, even after I rebooted the machine, it will not play. All I hear is silence. Help!


We need more information.


There’s not much more information to give. I recorded the WAV file that I want to be my main greeting, uploaded it and titled it “Main IVR.” On Inbound Routes, I set it to go right to the IVR that plays the sound file. Even after several restarts, all I hear is nothing. However, I can still enter numbers, etc. as if the recording played.

We absolutly need more details. By more details we mean a copy/paste of the actual error as seen in the CLI.

Use “set verbose 3”

How did you record it?
Is it 16 bit pcm @ 8000 Hz

did you upload using system recordings page or ftp / ssh?

dump it in the tmp folder run this sox -V MainIVR.wav -r 8000 -c 1 -t wav -w MainIVR2.wav

see what it says and try the file it creates