IVR input issue or Macro DTMF issue


I have asterisk installed and working fine. I have below query :
I want to make a call when a URL gets called. URL is passing few parameters i.e phone number, IVR file1, IVR file2, IVR file3 etc. Based on these URL parameters, I have to make outbound call on phone number. When the call is picked up, we have to play multiple IVR files passed by URL.
example : “Welcome to abc company…” Press 1 for xxx… Press 2 for xxx… Press 3 for xxx… "

IVR file will ask for the DTMF input. Based on the DTMF input the call should route.

If someone press 1 then the rest IVR file should not be played. Immediately it should go to next level instead of playing whole IVR file. For that I did below. When the URL gets called, I m generating call using .call file. And sending that call to below context.

Any Help please.

any help ?