Out Bound Call with User input


I m firing outbound calls using .call file. After the call pick up IVR will play and it will ask for the user input.
But I m not able to get the user input.

I try to enter the input but asterisk is not taking it. on cli i m getting

ny help ?


DTMF handling problem? This would be technology dependent.

technology dependent ???

didn’t get you.

I m using the pure asterisk. And I want to take the DTMF input the same way we are taking in Inbound Calls.

The issue is with Outbound calls only.

dahdi (analogue/isdn), SIP, …

If the technology is almost anything except analogue telephony, the handling of in call DTMF by the upstream system is different from that in call setup.

I m firing Outbound calls using SIP.
I m not using dahdi. The Read is not taking input.

dtmfmode, or its equivalent on the on the other side, or on every other hop, mismatches, or dtmfmode=inband and you are not using G.711 codecs.