IVR credit card payment

I’m working for a italian direct insurance. :open_mouth:

We want to include the chance to enter the data of the credit card through a self-service IVR (via DTMF).The service should not include other features.

There are an estimated 120,000 calls per year with a daily average of 40 and a maximum of 60.

I need to know if exists something “already done product” or if someone have an experience in these topics. At present we are using a third part payment platform (Gestpay) for the credit card payments. We want to continue to use this platform.


How are you going to ensure that the information is not logged?

Aside from the question of david55:

I don’t think that You’ll find any “Ready to use” software for this goal, but: If You have any API for interacting with the services of Gestpay (or Your internal CRM/Payment-system) there’s definitely the techncal opportunity to built up an IVR with gathering carddata by DTMF. Beside security aspects (transmission from phone to IVR could be not encrypted) You’ll usually need to check creditcard data (validity of creditcard number, CVC a.s.o.) before processing - in other words: You should probably be able to signal the caller wheter the data entered would be accepted or not.