Noob with quick question

completely new to this but researching possible solutions. Hoping for some quick insight if possible. it would be much appreciated.

I have a service that has several thousand members. Each member has hundreds of users or followers. I’m looking for a solution to allow each member to have a dial-in account that they can offer to collect data from their users.

As an example a user calls in and enters the members pin, and is given some choices to submit their information (name, mobile number, perhaps some other information) that is automatically entered into a database OR or to leave a message for the member (that message would be turned into a file and sent to the member via email)

Is Asterisk what I’m looking for as part of this solution or do I need a more robust IVR system.

Any help is appreciated.



You can do this with Asterisk, it’s a great tool for tasks like this.


Marco Bruni