Question about manual forwarding


I am using asterisk on Centos 6.5. There is a single SIP trunk coming in with two DDIs on it.

I’m using time conditions to send the call to an IVR after hours. The IVR will prompt the user to either press 1 to be routed to an on-call service or hold to leave a message. All this is working great.

But now there is a business requirement to be able to set the forwarding manually. eg when the last person goes home, they dial a code from their phone and this code will cause any inbound calls to a specific ring group to be forwarded to a cellphone.

I am aware forwarding is possible from the phones themselves (Grandstream GXP-1405) however this solution doesn’t work for me as the inbound route sends the calls to the a ring group and not an individual extension. So I need a way for the user to dial a feature code from their extension which will make asterisk route all calls to a predefined number.

Just wondering if this is feasible? If yes, is there a guide somewhere that I can reference to get this configured? Any assitance appreciated.

It is possible. Store the information in in astdb and test it in the dialplan…