Asterisk sets the channels to the hold state

Hi community,

I have a question regarding the bridge and channels.

We use the asterisk-18.11.3 and use the mixing(simple_bridge) for simple call bridging(not a conference, just simple inbound-outbound call connect).

When the 2 channels are in the bridge(mixing, simple_bridge), the asterisk puts the channels into the ‘hold’ state without any AMI/ARI request. It is happening after the second channel gets the 183.

I can see some log messages like the one below.
“can not use native RTP bridge as channel '<channel name 1> has features which prevent it”

Is there any condition that puts the channel on hold?

You’d want to look at the actual SIP traffic to see if it has put things on hold.

Yes, the channel actual set to hold and the asterisk plays moh sound.

So, we could hear the ring sound and moh sound together at the same time.

2022년 7월 7일 (목) 17:58, jcolp via Asterisk Community <>님이 작성:

Hold can occur using SIP signaling. That’s why I said to check that, because if for some reason a remote side put the call on hold then this would happen. Otherwise you’d need to explain the complete scenario more, and provide logging.

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